Buy oak beds in bulk more than 5 pieces and sell them for a profit of 45% and more

Become the only dealer in your town

For people who want to become dealers in their towns

The opportunity to sell unique products throughout the whole town or even the region

For retail sellers and online shops

That want to increase the sales turnover at their retail locations

For hotel business and similar organizations

To get the beauty, quality and durability at low prices

For those who just want to go about their own business

We give you the instruction for selling our product. The conversion is more than 30%

We create the unique product

That combines the maximum number of positive features:

Ecologically clean material

Oak is the most ecologically clean and hypoallergenic material that can be used in the production of beds. That’s why this furniture is the safest for children and people who have the number of respiratory diseases or allergies.

This quality is an undeniable advantage in choosing such important thing in our lives as the bed

Guarantee up for 5 years

We are absolutely sure in the durability of our beds and provide the guarantee up to 5 years

Design and comfort

We follow the innovations and produce beds according to the latest trends

Big choice of colors

There is the catalogue of 15 different variations of colour combinations for customer services

Service time if more than 25 years

The service time and reliability of beds of solid oak exceeds the service time of products of other materials

Short description about us

We have been producing pieces of furniture made of oak more than 10 years. We have gained a lot of experience, working for many years, and gained the trust of the most demanding clients.

We always tend to offer you the product that would cover all the options and functionality, and the price. That’s why we take into account all the demands of our clients and produce individual pieces of furniture on order from budget to elite options.

Wood Land – is the excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Nikolay Sokolov



Our furniture has all the necessary certificated
and it is ecologically clean

We can safely say that every «piece of wood» of the product has documents

Do you want to become a dealer and make money with us?

It is the great and low-cost variant for the initial business to become the dealer of beds.
 It is easier to become a dealer that to start your own business.
Why is it beneficial to become a dealer and work with us?

The system of discounts for dealers

You ensure yourself a constant profit growth and will constantly be competitive through beneficial interest, discount and bonuses.

Free promotional materials

We provide the partners all the necessary materials for the promotion of their products in the region

Advertising in the list of dealers in Russia

We will post on its website the contacts of your company and all retail customers from your region will be directed only to you

The time of product manufacturing is from 7 to 10 days

Our clients are quiet for their orders as they receive notifications about the status of the shipment of their consignment at all stages

Our company is the only one in Russia that serially produces beds of solid oak

Look at all the working stages. It is easy to made an order!

1. Request or phone call

You leave the request on the website or you call the telephone number. +7 (4212) 400-825

2. Clarification of the details

Our specialist clarify the details and calculate the price and the time of the delivery

3. Contract conclusion

After agreeing of the details, we conclude the contact and you make a prepayment of 50% of the total price

4. Warehouse program or production launch

Shipment from the warehouse of 3 days. Production from 7 days.

5. Quality control

The whole shipment passes the strict control. We guarantee the highest quality of our beds.

6. Delivery and payment

You take the product from our storage or we make the delivery to the right place.

We make the delivery to any town or city of Russia and CIS country

Get the catalogue
and the wholesale price list

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